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Patio Security Solutions

When it comes to home security, the patio door is often the easiest point of entry for a would-be burglar. The large panes of glass can be easily broken and it is conveniently located in the backyard, away from the eyes of neighbors. Although your home may have an excellent alarm system and a securely locked front door, those do little to protect against a burglar smashing through your patio door and grabbing whatever they want before the police even arrive.

If you want to keep your home safe from intruders, then you need to close the gap in your home security that your patio door represents. Let’s look at some of the ways a patio door is a security vulnerability and how security sliding door screens in Phoenix, AZ from Bulldog Security Screens can close these safety gaps.

Patio Door - Smash and Grab

Most patio doors are just giant windows. While glass may look great, it does almost nothing to stop burglars. A rock or a crowbar is enough to smash through a patio door, giving any burglar easy access to your home. You may have a home alarm system that can scare off most intruders, but a burglar who is willing to smash through your patio door is probably not too concerned about making a little noise. In the few minutes it takes for the police to get to your home, that burglar could easily take any valuable item that is within sight.

Items Visible Through Window - A Display Window for Thieves

What’s worse is that a patio door is basically a display window for any thief. A big glass window allows potential thieves to get a good look at what valuable items you have inside your home, which allows them to plan what they are going to take before they even step into your house. The fact that your patio door shows off your goods to potential burglars simply makes breaking and entering faster and easier for those burglars.

Why Our Patio Doors Are Different

Our security sliding door screens address both of these vulnerabilities. First, our patio doors are made with a steel mesh screen that can withstand a Category 4 hurricane. This means that burglars will no longer be able to rely on simply smashing through your patio door to get their hands on your possessions.

Furthermore, because our patio doors are made with that steel woven mesh, they also prevent those same burglars from peering into your home and deciding what they want to steal. With your possessions hidden from view, most burglars will simply move on to a more worthwhile target.

Bulldog Security Screens Promise

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