Bulldog Security Screens (formerly Security Screen Masters of AZ) is NOT affiliated with Security Screen Masters of Las Vegas or SSM or Nevada LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much do Bulldog Security Screens cost?
    There are many factors that can determine the cost of our stainless steel security screens. The size, type (window, door, patio door, arch, etc.) and installation requirements are just a few. However, we do offer a free in-home estimate with no obligation to purchase.

  • Q: How are Bulldog Security Screens installed?
    A: Our trained Bulldog Security Screen employees install the security screens to the outside of the home with a fastening system that cannot be exposed or removed with common hand tools or pry bars. They are permanently attached to the building structure and not the window or door itself.
  • Q: How do I get out in case of a fire or emergency?
    A: Each Bulldog Security Screen that goes over an operable window has an ADA compliant quick release latch on the inside that you can access when you open your window. We also make them with key locks for fixed windows for easy cleaning. We know its not fun to clean windows, but it might be easier than with your standard bug screens!
  • Q: Who makes Bulldog Security Screens?
    A: Well, we do. We have been manufacturing security screens at our Tucson, AZ manufacturing facility for more than 11 years. As a customer, you are supporting a family-owned company that sells and installs a product made locally in the great state of Arizona.
  • Q: Will Bulldog Security Screens keep my dog, cat, or any other pet from getting out a window or door or tear my screen?
    A: Our security screens will withstand anything any domestic animal could ever deliver. A really determined dog could dull or scratch paint finishes but you don’t have to worry about torn screen mesh or mangled screen frames anymore with Bulldog Security Screens.
  • Q: Who else sells Bulldog Security Screens?
    A: There are other companies that sell steel screens in Arizona; however, none are the same as Bulldog Security Screens and none have been selling stainless steel security screens in Arizona as long as Bulldog Security Screens. We believe any side-by-side comparison of products available will show that our security screens are the best you can find. Whether it’s a window security screen, patio door security screen, or entry door security screen we have been thoughtful in the design and features to best suit any customers’ needs. Also, be careful of other companies that say they make their own security screens here in Arizona. It would be very unlikely to be the case.
  • Q: Does Bulldog Security Screens offer financing?
    A: We have several excellent financing options that are easy and fast including no interest loans and long-term low interest loans that can get you really low payments.
  • Q: Will my HOA allow Bulldog Security Screens in my neighborhood?
    A: Most likely we have already installed our security screens that have been approved in your neighborhood. However, if your HOA requires approval for projects we may be performing, we recommend you take the proper steps to get approval. It is the safest thing to do when making and investment like this. We can always help with the process as much as possible.
  • Q: Does Bulldog Security Screens sell sunscreens?
    A: Our security screens do offer 66% solar heat and UV protection while maintaining a pleasant view. The screens we install are first and foremost for security and we do not offer screens that are solely for the purpose of blocking out sunlight or solar heat.
  • Q: How long does it take for Bulldog Security Screens to get the screens on my house?
    A: Bulldog Security Screens are all custom made for each opening and the entire process can take as little as 6 weeks and as much as 16 weeks depending on details of the order and manufacturing capacity at the time of order. Our company representative will give an approximate timeframe when you are ready to place the order so there is no confusion on when we will be installing your security screens. We promise we will not tell you 6-8 weeks just to get a sale and it takes 6 months. Unfortunately, we have heard of that happening a lot with companies that don’t make their own screens and are relying on others to deliver the product.
  • Q: What happens when Bulldog Security Screens comes to my house for a free estimate?
    A: Our company representative will need approximately 30-60 minutes of your time to present samples, explain the process, measure, and estimate the project. It is highly recommended that all interested parties be present as this is a unique product that really needs to be seen in person to fully comprehend its construction, operation, potential, and value.
  • Q: Does Bulldog Security Screens have a showroom?
    A: Bulldog Security Screens has 2 showrooms in Arizona located in Glendale and Tucson. Please call your nearest office for showroom hours. The addresses and phone numbers are listed on this site. Please come by and say hi! Our office staff is happy to help you.
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