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Patio Security Screen Doors

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Patio & French Security Screen Doors

The heavy-duty, stylish sliding patio and French door security screen solution.

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Let in the outside sights, sounds, and cool breezes without sacrificing your comfort, view, or security.

When the weather is just right, it’s great to be able to leave your patio door open and enjoy the outdoors from inside your home. That’s when a screen door is most beneficial.

Our patio screen doors are designed and installed to accommodate your most critical requirements for security and comfort. Not only are our screen doors built and installed to prevent glass breakage, break-ins, and storm damage, they are designed to maximize your view, air flow, and energy efficiency.

With a custom, heavy-duty patio screen door installed by Bulldog Security Screens, you can rest assured that your family and home are safe from intruders and pests alike.

Choose from a variety of colors, including the popular beige, white, or bronze, or request a custom color for a more fitting match.

Product Highlights
  • verified Constructed with stainless steel mesh
  • verified Non-corrosive and weather-resistant
  • verified ADA-approved single point release latch
  • verified Multipoint deadbolt locking system
  • verified Custom installed and HOA friendly
  • verified Manufacturer's lifetime product warranty
  • verified 100% made in the USA Security Screens made in the USA
Infinite Color Options
Screen Door Color Options

Guaranteed break-in prevention

Patio doors are the easiest point of entry for break-ins, and they make up 22% of all home burglaries. If you’re using a standard screen door to protect your patio door, then you’re vulnerable to break-ins using hammers or crowbars.

Our patio screen doors are made with stainless steel woven mesh and installed to stop intruders no matter their tools and techniques. In fact, we are so confident in our security screens that we have a No-Break-In Guarantee.

No-break-in guarantee
Security screen doors with a view

Security with a view™

Typical screen doors are not just ineffective at stopping intruders, but they also obstruct your outside view from inside. Our patio screen doors are manufactured with a tightly woven mesh making them ideal for keeping pests and insects while allowing in the sights, sounds, and cool breezes.

Manufactured in Arizona

We hand-measure and construct every patio screen door in our manufacturing facility in Tucson, Arizona. To deliver the best quality product and meet your performance requirements, our screen door products are made with non-corrosive, stainless steel woven mesh. This provides lasting protection against intruders as well as weather damage, including the ability to withstand a Category 4 hurricane according to Florida’s rigid impact standards.

Security screen doors made in the USA
The Bulldog Security Screens Advantage

Unmatched Home Protection & Satisfaction

Keep Out Intruders

Keep Out Intruders

Our screens are made with 304 stainless steel woven mesh to withstand a category 4 hurricane.
Keep Out Insects

Keep Out Insects

We use a .035 gauge 12x12 weave that effectively blocks insects without obstructing your view.
Protect Your Glass

Protect Your Glass

The physical barrier provided by our screens protects your home against costly glass breakage.
Exit With Ease

Exit With Ease

Our security screens are hinged with an interior single point release latch for exit in an emergency.

Get a custom made and installed patio security screen door.

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Bulldog Security Screens Facility
About Bulldog Security Screens

Based in Arizona, Bulldog Security Screens is a manufacturer and installer of high-quality, custom security screens. We are the leading provider of screen security solutions for both residential and commercial customers throughout the Valley. In addition to our custom security screens for patio screen doors, we offer screen solutions for entry doors, windows, and patio enclosures.

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