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The Top 5 Most Common Home Security Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Home security is a massively important topic for everyone- no matter where you live, how much money you make, or what kind of place you live, security is one of the most fundamental human needs. And while people employ different levels of different modes of security, it is important to come up with a system that ensures the safety of your loved ones and the security of your valuables. Our team at Bulldog Security Screens wanted to share with you all some of the most common home security mistakes we see people make- and how to avoid them. By implementing these habits and techniques, you can enjoy new levels of security like you hadn’t before.

Leaving Your Doors Unlocked

Yes- really. While this tip may feel a bit of an obvious habit to carry out, crime reports and studies reveal a staggering number of robberies take place with the trespasser walking into the front door unrestricted. In fact, a survey taken of convicted burglars showed that about 40% claimed they entered via an unlocked door or window. Taking the time to ensure all exterior doors are secured is one of the easiest methods to keeping your place secure.

Leaving Windows Open

Burglars look for open windows- especially those on higher floors. Windows are easy to neglect- maybe they were cracked only for a moment to let in some outside air or to remove a smell from a room and the latch wasn’t reapplied just quite right. Utilizing easy-shut windows and locks helps secure homes. Bulldog Security Screens offers window screens with superior quality and protection. Our screens deter burglars from their main point of entry.

Using Weak Locks

Not all locks are created equally- an outdated or weak lock can be the weak point in your home security that gets exploited. Without a proper security system in place, like an entry security screen door, potential intruders can survey your home’s vulnerabilities and make you a target. By implementing a strengthened exterior presence for your home or business, you can fortify these potential weaknesses. These security screen doors are not just functional, they offer security with a view, providing unmatched protection.

Hiding Keys in Common Places

Leaving a spare key just outside the house is a misleading convenience. While it would be nice to have a key out for say a neighbor or family member to come by for whatever occasion may arise where that would be necessary, homeowners simply do not hide the keys well enough to deter burglars. They know about keys under the welcome mat, the fake rocks, and hiding beneath the potted plant. Instead of a key hidden in plain sight, consider a keyless entry system. Just be sure to change it regularly.

Not Monitoring Your Smart Systems

Technology has made our lives drastically easier and more convenient, but it carries some cautions when it comes to security. It is important to check the smart technology systems you may have in place that watches your home. This is especially true after a power outage, they may not reboot themselves properly and are unable to properly safeguard and alert of detected threats and intrusions. While smart technology has enabled higher levels of comfort than previously thought available, there are certain vulnerabilities that exist that can be exploited. Bulldog Security Screen products outright protects against attempted thefts by securing points of entry whereas certain smart security systems aim to respond and report break-ins.

And a Free Bonus Tip!

Posting about Trips on Social Media

Taking trips is a great experience, and sharing those trips over the internet with people is a fun way to share those experiences and connect with family and friends. However- when you let the internet know that you will be away from your home for an extended period of time, you create a vulnerability in your home’s security. Instead, wait till you are home before you share those memories across the internet so you do not alert any unwanted visitors.

Home Security Solutions with Bulldog Security Screens

Safeguarding your home is crucial, everyone deserves to feel safe and secure within the place they live. One of the best ways to protect your loved ones and valuables from potential theft and home intrusion is to keep in mind these 6 practices that are easy to implement. For even further enhanced home security solutions, the Bulldog Security Screens company has been helping families and businesses secure what matters most to them. Our team serves security solutions all across Phoenix, Tucson, and El Paso. If you are interested in learning more about how you can get affordable and effective protection, contact us today about our free in-home estimate and see the Bulldog Difference in action.

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