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Protect Your Home with Bulldog Security Screens: The Ultimate Barrier Against Burglary

As a homeowner, you want to do everything possible to keep you, your family, and your home safe. A home alarm system is a great step towards doing just that since it alerts you and the police if anybody is trying to break into your house.

However, alarm systems can also create a false sense of security. If you really want to make sure your home is kept safe, then you need to go beyond an alarm system. Installing security window screens can physically prevent intruders from getting into your house, and deter many from even trying. Here are three reasons why home alarms aren’t always enough:

1. They Do Not Prevent Physical Entry

An alarm may alert you to the fact that somebody is trying to break into your home, but they do nothing to actually prevent somebody from entering in the first place. Sure, an alarm may scare off a potential intruder, but what if that intruder knows you’re away for the weekend? And yes, the alarm may alert police to a break-and-enter, but it can take many minutes before the police actually arrive. During that time, the burglar may have already broken into your home and stolen your possessions. A security window screen acts as a physical barrier between your home and a burglar.

2. Alarms Can Be Hacked

That’s right, your home alarm system may be vulnerable to hackers. This Wired article points out that many of the most popular alarm systems could be disabled or compromised by hackers using a simple tool from as far as 250 yards from your home. The hackers could either disable your alarm system outright or create so many false alarms that it essentially makes the system useless. For the best home protection in Phoenix, AZ keep in mind that a security window screen does not contain any circuitry or electronics whatsoever – keeping your home safe from high-tech thieves.

3. Human Error

Finally, for a home alarm system to work, you will have to remember to set it every night. While you may remember to set the alarm nine nights out of ten, it only takes one night for you to let your guard down for a burglar to get in. The fact is, a home alarm system is extremely prone to human error. What’s worse is if you go on vacation and forget to set the alarm beforehand. The entire time you’re away, your home will be left exposed and vulnerable! A high-strength window screen is a “set it and forget it” solution that needs no human input once installed.

Make no mistake, a home alarm system is an important element in keeping your home safe, but it is just one element. If you really want to do all you can to keep burglars and intruders out, then a security window screen from Bulldog Security Screens offers the best, most surefire way of doing so.

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