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What is the Best Type of Security for My Home?

Your home ought to be a stronghold and a safe, secure place. Not just with the systems and tools in place to protect your people and valuables, but your home ought to be a place of stability where you feel peace of mind. For homeowners everywhere, home security is an important topic. And more than ever, there are more products, services, and advice that come from everywhere that can feel a bit overwhelming for people.

In this post, our Bulldog Security Screens team wanted to break down why heavily enforced screen doors are the best type of security system for your home. We are going to explain ways to keep your home secure, tips for preventative home security, and how Bulldog Security Screens can be used in your home or business.

Best Ways to Secure Your Home

Keeping your home secure is one of the most important tasks for every homeowner. Studies show that:

  • 1 million home burglaries every year in the US
  • Property crimes are the most common
  • 25% of home burglaries happen during the day
  • 60% of criminals would consider a different target if a security system was present
  • Only 13% of property crimes are solved each year

It is clear that there is a very felt need for home security. Shockingly, almost 25% of all home burglaries take place when the front door or a first-story window was left unlocked. The best way to keep your home secure is through preventative measures- meaning intruders don’t even make it through the threshold of your home. An alarm sound when a burglar has breached your home may scare them away immediately or they might still swipe something before bolting off. However, a preventative security system means that a burglar is kicking rocks and is off your property. In fact, forced entry burglaries cost on average $2,416 meaning you are paying big dollars even if your alarm system causes your robber to take off immediately due to costs to replace broken doors or windows.

Helpful Home Security Habits

We wanted to share some habits that are effectively proven to keep your home and community safer:

  • Getting to Know Your Neighbors
  • Locking Doors and Windows
  • Installing a Home Alarm System
  • Installing Motion Detector Lighting
  • Adding a Deadbolt Protector
  • Reinforcing Sliding Doors

Don’t alert social media when you are leaving on vacation

Certain savvy burglars will case and look for people announcing their extended departures via social media as targets. People are shocked to learn how much information about their home they inadvertently share online.

Make Your House Look Like Someone Is Home

Burglars are looking to make off with your belongings, not engage directly in a conflict. You increase your home’s security by creating the appearance that there is someone currently residing. One easy method is to leave a light on in the house. In addition, consider leaving a car in your driveway when possible, leave the television or a radio playing, or even use timed lighting to create the appearance.

Lock Windows and Doors

Locking windows and doors is a fundamental yet often overlooked aspect of home security habits. This simple action serves as the first line of defense against potential intruders, creating a basic barrier that can deter break-ins. By consistently ensuring that all entry points are secured, homeowners significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access, safeguarding their homes and families from potential threats.

How Burglars Choose a House

Burglars tend to select houses based on ease of access and the apparent absence of occupants. They often scout for homes with lax security measures, such as unlocked doors or open windows, and are attracted to properties that show signs of neglect or prolonged absence. The presence of hiding spots, like overgrown bushes or poorly lit areas, also makes a house more appealing to them. Ultimately, their choice is influenced by the perceived risk of being caught versus the potential rewards they might find inside.

Most Common Points of Entry for a Home Invasion

The most common points of entry for home invasions are typically those that provide easy access and minimal visibility. Front doors, often thought to be safe, are actually a frequent choice for intruders, especially if they are not reinforced. Windows, particularly those hidden from the view of the street or neighbors, offer another common entry point, as they can often be quietly pried open or broken. Additionally, back doors and garage doors are also favored by burglars for their usual seclusion and lower security measures, providing a discreet entry for unwelcome visitors.

Reinforce Patio Screen Doors

Reinforcing patio screen doors is a crucial step in enhancing home security, especially given their vulnerability and common use as entry points by intruders. The patio security screen doors from Bulldog Security Screens are unmatched in terms of security and quality. Constructed locally with stainless steel mesh, these weather-resistant doors are heavily fortified and use multipoint deadbolts to ensure security. In fact, we back up our products with guaranteed break-in prevention.

Window Security Screens

Window security screens play a pivotal role in fortifying homes against intrusions. Composed of stainless steel, the window security screens from Bulldog ensure security without compromising your view. They are designed to withstand significant force, which offers any homeowner peace of mind. Your windows, whether on the ground level or higher, can be exploited as a vulnerability in your home’s security. Having the right equipment in place keeps burglars where they belong- away from your house.

Security Screens for Home and Business

You deserve security for your home and business. In 2024, the best security system is still Bulldog Security Screens. For everything home invasion prevention, our team is prepared to support you. Don’t worry about home security- get fortified and reinforced protection. Give us a call and learn more about our no-break-in-home guarantee.

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