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The Real Cost of Home Security

Home security is a concern that weighs on the minds of homeowners across the country. However, understanding the true cost of home security goes beyond just the financial aspects. The cost of home security cannot be simply summarized with some financial statements of measures, the cost of home security is really felt when appropriate security actions are not in place and the unthinkable becomes reality. In this blog, we'll delve into the comprehensive spectrum of home security, covering everything from the expenses of replacing windows and doors to the emotional toll of a home break-in. We'll also discuss the impact of home security on your insurance and introduce effective solutions, including Bulldog Security Screens, to fortify your home.

Costs to Replace Windows or Doors

Based on an analysis of FBI findings, the average home break in costs victims an average of $2,416. In the same studies, they found that about 95% of break-ins involved a forceful entry. From upgrading to impact-resistant materials to reinforcing locks and frames, there are various options to enhance security without breaking the bank. Bulldog Security Screens specializes in heavy fortified, resistant, security doors and windows for your home, securing doors and windows that will deter would be burglars from ever considering your property.

Replacing Personal Property

During a home burglary, the destruction and financial costs that are incurred from property damage is far from a welcomed feature, but one of the most overlooked parts of calculating the costs of a home break-in is the loss of personal property. While a certain item might retail for a cost that you can explain to your insurance and get a similar reimbursement, you cannot associate a price with an invaluable sentimental item that would-be thieves might covet. Items like family heirlooms, wedding keepsakes, and more can’t truly be replaced from even the most comprehensive insurance plan.

How Likely Is a Home Break-in?

No one wants to consider themself a victim in the making, or a potentially vulnerable target for a burglary. However, understanding the likelihood of a home break-in is crucial for proactive security measures. The facts reveal that there are over two and a half million burglaries every year, meaning there is a home burglary almost every 15 seconds. Of these, the police only solved 14.1% of burglaries. The data paints a gruesome picture; your home is more vulnerable than you hope and recovery is not guaranteed.

Home Security Prevention Measures

Prevention is the cornerstone of effective home security. By evaluating weakpoints and transforming them into reinforced strongholds, we can elevate your home or business from a target to the envy of your neighborhood. These proactive steps not only enhance security but also help deter potential intruders. These stainless steel mesh doors and window screens from Bulldog Security Screens are ADA friendly, HOA approved, and can be custom installed. The best security system is prevention. An alarm might scare off a would be intruder only after their destruction to an entry point has been done. A preventative approach sends robbers to kick rocks to someone else’s property.

The Emotional Cost of a Home Break-in

While the financial cost of a home break-in is evident, the emotional and psychological toll is equally significant. Following a home break-in, people report feelings of helplessness, anxiety, and an unsettled feeling knowing someone was able to walk into their home, their secure safe place and disrupt all of that. For some individuals, the psychological and emotional distress following a home intrusion necessitates mental health aid services.

How A Home Burglary Will Affect Your Home Insurance

A home burglary can have lasting consequences on your home insurance. While their assistance in recouping some of the financial losses following a robbery are surely helpful, the insurance companies always win. It was found that a theft claim could increase your annual premium by around 20%. If they will cover the losses at all. Not every homeowner’s insurance policy covers thefts while out of home.

Home Security Solutions with Bulldog Security Screens

Securing your home is a multifaceted endeavor that encompasses financial considerations, emotional well-being, and practical prevention measures. By understanding the full spectrum of home security, you can make informed decisions to protect your home and loved ones effectively. Remember, it's not just about the cost; it's about ensuring the safety and security of the place you call home. Bulldog Security Screens have helped countless homeowners and businesses protect what they value the most. Contact us today to see what kind of custom home security solutions we can help provide for you.

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