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Patio Protection for Your Backyard

One of the joys of living in the American Southwest is the mild winters. When residents of the Midwestern states and the Northeast are battling winter storms and snowy, slushy roads, people in Arizona can be enjoying a comfortable evening on their backyard patio.

Security Screens for Your Backyard

But what about securing that patio or back porch of yours from intruders? Left open, your pleasant outdoor space is vulnerable to burglars, not to mention those pesky mosquitoes, wasps, and other biting or stinging insects that can easily ruin an al fresco-style meal. Rodents, too, are always looking for entryways.

Well, here’s some good news: With high-quality security screens, you can protect your patio while maintaining its lovely fresh-air ambience. Bulldog Security Screens provides effective burglar-proof patio/porch screens that are constructed with impact-resistant stainless-steel mesh surrounded by 6063-T5 extruded-aluminum frames. These coverings can stand up to a hurricane of Category 4 force.

Prevent Home Intrusions

Steel-mesh security window screens confer a whole range of benefits for the homeowner. First and foremost, they thwart break-ins, meaning you set off for work or drift off to sleep with that much more peace-of-mind. They also allow you the pleasure of relaxing, socializing, and dining out on the porch without coming under swift attack from winged hordes (or scurrying pests underfoot).

Seamless Home Security Screens

Even though they’re just as formidable in the face of no-good crooks and thieves, security screens don’t ruin your home’s aesthetic like those antiquated anti-burglar bars, which tend to make your domicile look much more like a prison. That’s not just a cosmetic issue: It also benefits the value of your home and its “curb appeal.”

Security with a View

From the outside looking in, the screens provide a valuable dark shade screen that prevents burglars from seeing into your home. However, from inside your home, you can see clearly, looking outside into your yard and landscape. And unlike a rolling shutter which completely closes off your home to the outside world, Bulldog Security Screens allow for 100% security with a view.

Security Screens with UV Protection

Furthermore, quality security screens also help to block incoming solar radiation, diminishing the intensity of UV rays. On the other side of the calendar–the hot and sun-blasted time of year–this type of enclosed patio can be a much more comfortable place to lounge than an open deck or unscreened porch.

In short, the patio enclosures available from Bulldog Security Screens provide heavy-duty protection from prowlers, bugs, and rodents without putting a heavy-duty dent into the look and feel of your home–or your own enjoyment of an all-year screened-in porch. Get out there and enjoy those sweet-scented Southwestern breezes!

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