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Protecting Your Home from Burglaries: Facts, Statistics, and Prevention Tips

No one likes thinking about the possibility of an intruder or burglar coming into your home. However, nearly 2.2 million burglaries occur across the United States on a yearly basis, according to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Knowing the facts and statistics related to burglaries is important because they help you make informed decisions as to how to protect yourself as a homeowner. Consider the following facts from the FBI:

  • The average dollar loss for each burglary is $2,119. This results in a grand total of $4.6 billion a year in lost property.
  • Residential properties are by far the most common types of burglaries (compared to commercial properties, such as stores). Residential burglaries represent 73.9 percent of all burglary offenses.
  • An estimated 60.5 percent of burglaries involved forcible entry into the house, such as breaking a door, window, or using other means of force to enter a house. An estimated 33.2 percent were unlawful entries without force.

Unfortunately, burglary does happen. It’s up to you as a homeowner to protect yourself by making your home as secure as possible and a deterrent to potential thieves.

Ways You Can Help

You can deter thieves both through the appearance of your home and in the investments you make to ensure its security. First, it’s important not to make valuable items in your home easily visible to tempt thieves. For example, window coverings, curtains, or blinds on large windows can keep thieves from seeing potential items to steal. In many cases, thieves will go straight to a person’s bedroom when looking for jewelry or valuable electronic devices that are often stored there. It’s important to think not only of the visible rooms in the front of your house, but also of those in the back.

Next, it’s important to make your home very difficult for an intruder to break into. This can turn a burglary into an attempted one. Examples include installing security doors and window screens that make forced entry impossible for thieves. Security window screens in Phoenix, AZ, can help protect against the impact of a crowbar or other means of forced entry. These screens are made in three standard colors as well as custom colors to ensure they not only keep you safe, they also enhance the physical appearance of your home.

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